Follicle Miniaturisation


Follicle Miniaturisation

Hair miniaturization is a natural process that occurs in 95% of all hair loss cases. It’s the starting point from which male pattern baldness occurs. Individual follicles and strands continue to shrink over time and eventually become dormant if left untreated.
Hair miniaturization is the key feature of Pattern Hair Loss or Androgenic Alopecia. It affects many men starting in their early 20’s as puberty comes to and end. The hair will appear less dense and thinner before it eventually falls out. The onset of male pattern baldness begins with miniaturization and ends with fibrosis (or scarring) when the hair bulb and follicle disappear, but this takes many years.
Miniaturization is what a person sees the first time he or she realizes they are losing their hair. If the person desires to save their hair and prevent further balding, now is the time to act.

To overcome miniaturization is by having Bio-Activated Micrograft Hair Transplant in combination with BIO PRP. Hair in the occipital scalp tends to be naturally resistant to the effects of DHT. It is not uncommon for people to show extreme signs of hair loss, yet still, retain hair in this back portion of the scalp. Therefore, if the physician implants follicular units from the occipital scalp into other regions of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss, then normal hair can continue to grow. Even though the same amount of DHT is still present in the scalp’s tissue as before, the newly transplanted follicular units are not affected as they are typically resistant to DHT on the cellular level due to genetics.

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